Mayank Yadav: Rising Star of Indian Cricket

Mayank Yadav

Mayank Yadav:

Born on June 17, 2002 , Mayank Yadav hails from West Delhi’s Punjabi Bagh. His early cricketing days were marked by his dedication and love for the sport. He started playing cricket at a young age and quickly caught the attention of coaches and selectors with his natural talent and technique.

The emerging star of Indian cricket, Mayank Yadav, has been creating waves with his extraordinary skill and ability on the pitch. This right-arm quick bowler and right-handed batsman, who is from Delhi, has already made a name for himself in both domestic and franchise cricket.

Indian cricketer Mayank Yadav, 21, has come a long way from being a skinny 15-year-old to a frighteningly fast bowler. In order to see his son succeed on the cricket pitch, his father Prabhu Yadav was willing to accept the challenges typically associated with the middle class.

Mayank Yadav, a Delhi-born express bowler, had only appeared in two List A matches when the Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) selected him in advance of the 2022 Indian Premier League. Due to a torn hamstring, he was unable to participate in any games during the first season and was not allowed to return.

After regaining his fitness, he was quickly promoted to the North Zone team for the Deodhar Trophy 50-over match, when he promptly removed Rahul Tripathi’s middle stump.

Against Punjab Kings in Lucknow in 2024, he made his IPL debut, hurrying the batsmen with his quick speed. In his four overs, he took 3 for 27 and reached a peak speed of 155.8 kph.

Mayank - 156

In his second IPL match with Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB), Mayank went one further, hitting the fastest ball in IPL 2024 with a speed of 156.7 kph. He often hit the 150 kph mark, concluding his four overs with 3 for 14. In the history of the Indian Premier League, Mayank is the first player to win two Player-of-the-Match trophies in his opening two games.

With his fastest-ever IPL bowling speed of 156 kmph, the 6-foot-1-inch Delhi lad, who has struggled with several ailments in his brief career, has captured the attention of fans.

“People watch IPL and they only saw Mayank yesterday but those who keep track knew that in last year’s Deodhar Trophy, he had bowled a delivery at 155 clicks. It was unfortunate that he suffered from hamstring injury and had to miss the entire Ranji season. I have been saying for past four years that this boy is special”

Rishabh Pant (Told To PTI)

“If Ustaadji (Tarak Sinha) and Devender bhai had not been around, my son wouldn’t have come this far. I wanted him to play cricket but they prepared him for all the big tests”

Prabhu Yadav (Mayank Yadav father)

When Mayank was about 14 years of age, Devender remembered, his father, a small-time trader in Okhla, Delhi, took his son to the renowned Sonnet Club.
“In Sonnet, if we identify any youngster to be exceptional in skill, kit and equipment is never an issue. He appeared quite thin and lacked even bowling spikes.
Even at the age of 15, despite having a weak body, he was able to outpace others in his age group in speed. Despite facing certain challenges, he never gives up.
“Despite his thin appearance, he has adopted a healthy diet and regular exercise programme to become quite powerful. He is a devoted follower of Lord Krishna and a strict vegetarian, according to Devender.

Rishabh Pant, the most famous student of Devender, attempted to recruit Mayank for DC, but LSG refused to allow a transfer.

“I told my son, ‘beta aapka kaam hai cricket khelna aur baki jaddojehaad jo hai, woh aapke baap ka kaam hai.’ (Son, your job is to play cricket and your father’s job is to face the challenges of life),” Prabhu said.

“He got a very calm run-up that gathers pace throughout. He’s balanced at the crease. I think when you bowl that sort of pace at 156, if you give width, you disappear.

“But he was at the batters, he was over the stumps, cramping them and they were trying to give themselves room to open up the offside. He was coming in there and getting high-quality players, beating them with pace. As IPL debuts go, it was spectacular, really”

Stuart Broad

The national selectors will undoubtedly be excited by Mayank’s speed, but when he plays consistently for a whole season, the system will include him.

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