Top Indian female golfers : Best 5

Top Indian female golfers

In the historically male-dominated sport of golf, India has seen an increase in the prominence of female players. These athletes’ perseverance, ability, and determination have not only broken down gender boundaries, but also garnered them international acclaim. This article highlights the top Indian female golfers whose extraordinary skills and achievements have considerably aided the growth and popularity of women’s golf in the nation. From trailblazers to emerging stars, each golfer’s career offers a unique narrative of accomplishment and inspiration in the game.

Here is the list of Top Indian female golfers

Aditi Ashok
Aditi Ashok: The Trailblazer

Aditi Ashok, from Bangalore, is a trailblazer in Indian women’s golf. Ashok, born in 1998, made history as the first Indian woman to win a Ladies European Tour (LET) championship in the 2016 Hero Women’s Indian Open. Her outstanding performance at the Rio Olympics 2016, where she finished 41st, cemented her place as a rising star in the golf world. With several professional victories and steady performances, Aditi is a force to be reckoned with on the world golfing scene.

Diksha Dagar: Rising Star

Diksha Dagar made a name for herself by winning the 2019 South African Women’s Open in style. She is from Haryana and is recognised for her calm demeanour on the course as well as her strong strokes. She entered the professional world at an early age and soon established herself via her outstanding accomplishments. Diksha Dagar’s achievement inspires aspiring young female golfers in India.

Diksha Dagar

Sharmila Nicollet
Sharmila Nicollet: Paving the Way

Sharmila Nicollet is another name associated with women’s golf in India. Nicollet was born in Bangalore and has been a significant figure in Indian golf since she was a teenager. She went professional at the age of 18 and has since competed in a number of international competitions. Nicollet has won the Hero-KGA Women’s Pro Golf Championship and represented India in several team tournaments. Her contributions to the sport have set the standard for the next generation of female golfers.

Vani Kapoor: Driving to Success

Vani Kapoor, recognised for her strong drives and steady performances, has long been a significant player in Indian women’s golf. Kapoor, who was born in Delhi, has established herself on the home circuit as well as representing India in international tournaments. With many victories on the Women’s Professional Golf Tour of India, Vani Kapoor remains a powerhouse in Indian women’s golf, demonstrating her abilities both at home and overseas.

Vani Kapoor

Amandeep Drall: Steadfast Performer
Amandeep Drall: Steadfast Performer

Amandeep Drall, a golfer from Chandigarh, has consistently performed well in the field of women’s golf. Drall’s outstanding amateur career prepared him for a smooth transition to the professional circuit. Her significant accomplishments include wins on the Hero Women’s Pro Golf Tour and in Women’s Golf Association of India competitions. Amandeep Drall’s passion to the sport and regular performances place her among the top female Indian golfers to watch.


1: Who are some Top Indian female golfers ?
Some notable female Indian golfers include Aditi Ashok, Diksha Dagar, Sharmila Nicollet, Vani Kapoor, and Amandeep Drall. These athletes have made significant contributions to the sport both nationally and internationally.

2: How has Aditi Ashok made history in Indian women’s golf?
Aditi Ashok made history by becoming the first Indian woman to win a Ladies European Tour (LET) title at the 2016 Hero Women’s Indian Open. Her achievements, including representing India at the Rio Olympics, have solidified her status as a Top Indian female golfers.

3: What is Diksha Dagar’s notable achievement in golf?
Diksha Dagar gained international recognition by winning the 2019 South African Women’s Open. Her victory marked a significant milestone in her career and highlighted her potential as a rising star in Indian women’s golf.

4: How has Sharmila Nicollet contributed to Indian women’s golf?
Sharmila Nicollet has been a prominent figure in Indian women’s golf, paving the way for future generations. She turned professional at a young age, winning domestic championships and representing India in various team events, contributing to the sport’s growth.

5: What distinguishes Vani Kapoor in the world of Indian women’s golf?
Vani Kapoor is known for her powerful drives and consistent performances on the Women’s Professional Golf Tour of India. With multiple victories, she has become a force to be reckoned with, showcasing her skills both domestically and internationally.

6: What notable achievements mark Amandeep Drall’s golf career?
Amandeep Drall, hailing from Chandigarh, has enjoyed success on the Hero Women’s Pro Golf Tour and the Women’s Golf Association of India events. Her steadfast performances highlight her dedication to the sport and make her a notable figure in Indian women’s golf.

7: How are these female golfers inspiring the next generation?
Through their achievements and resilience, these female Indian golfers serve as inspirations for aspiring young talents. Their success stories break barriers, encouraging more women to take up golf and pursue excellence in the sport.

8: What is the future outlook for women’s golf in India?
With the continued success of female Indian golfers on the international stage, the future of women’s golf in India looks promising. The growing interest and participation of women in the sport indicate a positive trend, and these accomplished athletes play a pivotal role in shaping the future landscape of Indian women’s golf.


The landscape of women’s golf in India is evolving, thanks to the remarkable achievements of these talented athletes. Aditi Ashok, Diksha Dagar, Sharmila Nicollet, Vani Kapoor, and Amandeep Drall have not only made a mark on the international golfing scene but have also inspired a new generation of female golfers in India. As these athletes continue to shine, they contribute significantly to the growth and popularity of women’s golf in the country. So these are the Top Indian female golfers in the country

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