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Chikkarangappa S

Chikkarangappa S :

Chikkarangappa S has established itself as a brand synonymous with greatness in the world of Indian golf, where fairways reverberate with stories of commitment and skill. Chikkarangappa was born on February 19, 1993, in Bangalore, India, and his path into the world of golf is a monument to enthusiasm, endurance, and an unshakable devotion to learning the sport. As we go over his career greens, we learn about a player who has made an everlasting imprint on the Indian golfing environment.

Chikkarangappa S Early Years and Golfing Genesis:

Chikkarangappa’s interest in golf began at a young age, motivated by his father, who introduced him to the sport. His early days were characterised by the contagious enthusiasm that commonly precedes a new golfer’s first swing. As a youth, Chikkarangappa polished his abilities at Bangalore’s Eagleton Golf Resort, a crucible that would determine his golfing fate.

The obstacles of juggling study and golf did not dissuade the young golfer; rather, they spurred his resolve to succeed. Chikkarangappa’s remarkable skill rapidly garnered attention, paving the way for a bright future in Indian golf.

Rise to Prominence:

Chikkarangappa’s climb to popularity was quick and remarkable. During his remarkable amateur career, he won various trophies, including the All India Amateur Championship. His supremacy in amateur golf predicted a smooth transition to the professional ranks.

Turning professional opened a new chapter in Chikkarangappa’s golf career. His first victory at the 2014 PGTI Eagleburg Open demonstrated his abilities and marked the start of a successful professional career.

Asian Tour Ventures:

Chikkarangappa’s goals went beyond home glory, driving him to venture into the tough terrains of the Asian Tour. He competed against some of the region’s greatest golfers and delivered excellent performances. His regular performance on the Asian Tour won him recognition and cemented his reputation as a golfer with worldwide potential.

Triumphs and Challenges:

Chikkarangappa S’s path is not without hurdles. Injuries and the inherent uncertainties of professional golf questioned his resolve. However, each failure served as a stepping stone to greater heights. Chikkarangappa’s capacity to face obstacles with a cheerful attitude has won over admirers and peers alike.

Off the Course:

Chikkarangappa is active in philanthropic causes and community involvement outside of the golf course. His dedication to give back to society exemplifies a golfer who recognises the value of leveraging his platform for a larger good.


1. Who is Chikkarangappa S?

  • Chikkarangappa S, born on February 19, 1993, in Bangalore, India, is a professional golfer renowned for his achievements in Indian and international golfing circuits.

2. When did Chikkarangappa start playing golf?

  • Chikkarangappa started playing golf at a young age, inspired by his father. His early golfing days were spent at the Eagleton Golf Resort in Bangalore.

3. What are some of Chikkarangappa’s notable achievements in amateur golf?

  • Chikkarangappa achieved success in amateur golf, including winning titles such as the All India Amateur Championship, showcasing his talent and dominance in the amateur ranks.

4. When did Chikkarangappa turn professional?

  • Chikkarangappa turned professional, marking a new phase in his golfing career. His professional journey gained momentum with a victory at the 2014 PGTI Eagleburg Open.

5. Has Chikkarangappa competed on the Asian Tour?

  • Yes, Chikkarangappa has ventured onto the Asian Tour, where he has competed against top golfers in the region. His performances on the Asian Tour have contributed to his reputation as a golfer with international potential.

6. What challenges has Chikkarangappa faced in his golfing career?

  • Chikkarangappa has faced challenges, including injuries and the uncertainties inherent in professional golf. His ability to navigate and overcome these challenges showcases his resilience and determination.

7. What is Chikkarangappa’s notable victory on the professional circuit?

  • Chikkarangappa secured a notable victory at the 2014 PGTI Eagleburg Open, marking a significant achievement in his early professional career.

8. Is Chikkarangappa involved in charitable initiatives?

  • Yes, Chikkarangappa is actively involved in charitable initiatives and community outreach. His commitment to giving back to society reflects his understanding of the importance of using his platform for a greater purpose.

9. How has Chikkarangappa contributed to Indian golf?

  • Chikkarangappa has contributed to Indian golf by showcasing his talent on both domestic and international stages. His achievements serve as an inspiration for aspiring golfers in India.

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